A special source of Omega-3 rich in marine phospholipids which means it is better utilised in the body .
Krill Oil supplies easily absorbed EPA and DHA as well as the antioxidant astaxanthin.


All the Antarctic krill is more than the total weight of all the people on Earth.



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  • Hello from Manuka Health UK

    Our History

    Manuka Health New Zealand began in 2006 with the mission of combining the very best of nature and science to create truly natural and effective healthcare products.

    Now one of the largest global manuka honey companies,  Manuka Health has a distribution network spanning 45 countries and offers a comprehensive product range incorporating natural bioactive ingredients unique to New Zealand. MGO™ Manuka Honey and BIO™ New Zealand Propolis are the cornerstones of our product range.

    Natural Ingredients with Scientific Validation.  From our beekeeping operations in remote, pristine regions of New Zealand through to production of the finished product in our multi-million dollar purpose-built honey processing facility, our team of specialists work with the greatest care and expertise to preserve the bioactivity and potency of the natural ingredients.

    Scientifically validated testing of every batch guarantees the quality of our products, and our strict quality control system provides total traceability from beehive to shelf.

    Manuka Health’s in-house research and development team along with our global scientific research partnerships are dedicated to ongoing innovation as we continue to break new ground in providing trusted, effective natural health products to enhance the wellbeing of our customers.

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